You Don’t Get To Tell Me Bernie Sanders Is My Friend

Best article of the day!!!!

Scott Woods Makes Lists

If anyone had to name fifty white people in the 20th century that have helped black people – literally committed themselves to the cause of black people for longer than a march – Sanders probably wouldn’t make any of those lists. He certainly wouldn’t make any of the lists by generated by black people, and that’s because Bernie Sanders is not a racial justice crusader. And it’s okay to say that out loud.

In the 1960s it wasn’t the hardest thing in the world for someone like him to step into that movement and play a part. Even someone on the fence with their racism could see how wrong segregation was and how inhumane black people were being treated under it. That’s so easy we still allow teachers to teach it that way in schools: that the television saved black people by enlightening white people over dinner about racism. That…

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